What is bio-LNG?

bio-LNG or liquified Biomethane is a biofuel made by processing organic waste flows. Biogas develops when anaerobic digestion occurs; biological matter breaks down and gas is emitted in the process. bio-LNG is practically CO2 neutral and has all the advantages of LNG versus diesel, including reduced CO2 emission, lower engine sound, lower NOx and significantly less pm (particulate matter) emission. Our bio-LNG solution increases the valuation of biogas. With the Nordsol bio-LNG solution, the function of biogas is upgraded to the next level of decarbonization, supporting a more environmentally friendly form of LNG along with a reduction of our carbon footprint.


How a bio-LNG plant is set up

How fast a plant is developed

Four distinct steps are necessary for a profitable plant. Building a bio-LNG plant becomes attractive starting from 350 Nm3/h of raw biogas and requires 12-18 months until full operation.

Business Case

The plant must have competitive value for the biogas. This needs to be proven in a high-level business case. This phase also defines the form of cooperation.


Create a basis of design with sufficient detail and cost estimates for a Financial Investment Decision (FID). This is also the start of the permitting process.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction with partners and sub-contractors.
Commissioning and start-up, checking for stable operation and conducting performance test runs.

Full Operation

Operational phase including Nordsol monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance. Full bio-LNG production.

After multiple successful pilot projects, our groundbreaking technique is patented worldwide. Our iLNG Technology is validated and ready to advance the energy sector.


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    In our whitepaper you can read about the benefits of our iLNG technology for the production of BioLNG.

    Our Projects

    First bio-LNG installation in the Netherlands

    Pilot Project

    Nordsol liquefied biogas for the first time in a test set-up in 2010. Besides making it visually tangible, is also showed the reliability of the process choices and the test generated crucial knowledge for the development steps that were to follow.

    About Nordsol

    Nordsol - BioLNG

    Nordsol works together with committed bio-LNG clients who are able to neutralize trading risks and stabilize bio-LNG offtake volumes. Our innovative patented technologies, combined with the financial backing and guaranteed bio-LNG offtake, make the Nordsol proposition unique. This allows Nordsol to build and operate its own bio-LNG facilities together with biogas production partners grounded by a solid business framework. Nordsol was founded by four senior members, each with their own background and unique dedication to achieving the mission of making bio-LNG mainstream. Together with all Nordsol partners, our competent team is committed to a more sustainable future by bridging the gap between the worlds of waste management and transport fuels.


    In 2023 we aim to produce

    25.000 tons

    of bio-LNG per year.

    Our Vision and Mission

    We envision that sheer market force will drive the energy transition towards more sustainable fuel sources. Our mission is to strategically enable this transition. We connect two worlds: waste management and fuel supply. Nordsol is committed to making bio-LNG mainstream as a clean and safe advanced biofuel that is widely available at an affordable price.

    We achieve this by

    1. Making fixed long term bio-LNG offtake agreements with key LNG traders (Oil&Gas majors)
    2. Using our smart technology solution as the basis for an optimal bio-LNG product stream
    3. Providing a solid business model to work on with biogas production partners

    We are constantly looking for new biogas partners to increase the bio-LNG production capacity and continue to devote all our efforts towards a valuation of biogas. Have you noticed the positive environmental and financial impacts of bio-LNG, or would like to discover them in more detail?

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      Define working assumption on legal structure, flows and participation of stakeholders.

      Firm up Capex for pre-P&ID.

      Acquire interest of grant and debt providers.

      Final investment Decision (FID).

      How we finance our plants

      We have an elaborate network of financing possibilities in the Netherlands and increasing insight into what finance sources can be made available in other regions.

      This includes subsidies, grants and green incentives, funds, banks and private means of financing. Additionally, we believe in participation in plants or SPV’s with our own resources. To investigate whether there is an achievable business case for bio-LNG we welcome the dialogue on opportunities. Exact economics will also depend on items such as: re-use of heat, use of CO2, costs of installation, logistics including geo position, quality preferences above our minimum standards and the Capex / Opex trade-off. To engage in a first assessment, we welcome information about the current biogas valuation and an indication on the composition.

      What is the return of investment?

      Depending on the factors described in the phased approach, the financial return of a project varies. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that with an attractive gas flow, ROIs of 10% or more are readily achievable. This assumes a full write-off and repay of the installation in 10 years and no residual value of the assets and the business position obtained. Here the investment really begins to pay off. In addition, Nordsol separation techniques can easily produce liquid CO2 as a by-stream to bring an attractive additional sales value. This is carbon capturing in practice. The real return sits in the carbon profile of the bio-LNG production within your own facilities, benefitting both the planet and your financial return.