About Nordsol

We envision that sheer market force will drive the energy transition towards more sustainable fuel sources. Our mission is to strategically enable this transition. We connect two worlds: waste management and fuel supply. Nordsol is committed to making bio-LNG mainstream as a clean and safe advanced biofuel that is widely available at an affordable price.

Nordsol connects waste management and fuel

Innovative, robust technology is in our DNA

In the core, Nordsol is a technology company. We scaled-down the established gas treatment and cooling process by a factor of approximately 1,000. The company has largely reinvented LNG technology to come up with a robust, financially viable bio-LNG process scheme based on equipment that fits inside a couple of shipping containers. Thus, creating a blueprint for producing and distributing bio-LNG. Today, we develop and build bio-LNG installations for our clients and for ourselves.

Also your bio-LNG partner

Nordsol is not only a technology supplier. Clients can also take advantage of our expertise about the markets of waste management and fuel supply to develop new bio-LNG projects together with Nordsol. Working closely with biogas production partners and committed bio-LNG clients we build and operate our own bio-LNG facilities that are grounded by a solid business framework.

Utilizing local sources

Nordsol’s business model is not about bigger and bigger plants. Instead, it is about having a large number of small ones of a standardized design co-located with the anaerobic digesters, the biogas plants. The capacity of digesters in Europe will determine the scale of the Nordsol plants. Generally, this capacity is between 1,5-15 kt/y of bio-LNG.


We’d like our bio-LNG installations to be part of a lean and local ecosystem. Rather than moving gas around unnecessarily, there should be minimal infrastructure for distributing the bio-LNG. The plants will have just a few days of bio-LNG storage and the product will be picked up regularly by road tanker and delivered locally and directly to the nearest LNG filling station.


Nordsol’s focus on offering the lowest possible total cost of plant ownership will make it possible to set up a network of small producers supplying bio-LNG to local sales points at sites along our main highway routes. Customers will be keen to buy it because it is clean, convenient and cost-competitive.