Biogas producers in the agricultural sector

For agricultural entrepreneurs, financial stability, trouble-free continuity and independence are essential objectives. Governmental demand on administration and sustainability can create a lot of dynamics in the company. Expiry of government subsidies on biogas installations disrupts the financial stability significantly.

Biogas to bio-LNG in agricultural sector

Need for long-term stability

Bio-LNG offers a stable long-term return on the biogas installation.

    • A better valuation of the biogas.
    • Independence from government subsidies.
    • Further reduction of GHG emissions through additional CO2 abatement.
    • More flexibility to cope with biogas capacity and feedstock origin swings.
    • An opportunity to create a local circular economy with companies in the region.

Why Nordsol?

Nordsol works with companies in the agricultural sector to develop bio-LNG projects that increase the return of the biogas installation. Nordsol can supply entrepreneurs with first-class technology to convert biogas into highly valued bio-LNG. We can also engage in a partnership and connect the entire value chain from biogas to long-term offtake contracts for the bio-LNG.

Whichever is preferred, Nordsols high commitment and thinking along throughout the entire process ensures a reliable and profitable contribution to reduction of GHG emissions.

Bio-LNG Solutions