Nordsol and DBG Bio Energy B.V. to collaborate on green bio-LNG production

June 2nd, 2021: Nordsol and DBG Bio Energy B.V. have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of a new bio-LNG installation in the Netherlands. The envisioned installation will be established and owned by DBG Bio Energy B.V.  Nordsol will supply the bio-LNG installation and provide their expertise on bio-LNG permitting processes, the bio-LNG and bioCO2 supply chain and process calculations to support DBG Bio Energy in the development of this project.


Bio-LNG is a renewable replacement for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). In coming years, bio-LNG will play an essential role in decarbonizing heavy duty road and water transport, as electrification of large trucks and ships is very challenging, and bio-LNG is a solution that’s avalaible today. The bio-LNG which DBG Bio Energy B.V. aims to produce can be stored and distributed using existing LNG infrastructure.


DBG Bio Energy B.V. is using a patented process to convert cellulose-containing industrial waste streams into biogas. Nordsols iLNG technology can process this biogas into bio-LNG in an energy-efficient way. This technology can also provide additional green value through capture and liquefaction of bioCO2 from the biogas to replace fossil CO2.


The envisioned installation can produce about 15 kton bio-LNG per year. This allows for more than 60 million kilometers of CO2 neutral driving.

Berkay Güres, Managing Director of DBG Bio Energy B.V. said: “this is an important development for us and we are looking forward to working closely with our partners at Nordsol. DBG Bio Energy B.V. is excited about the environmentally- beneficial role that it can play in decarbonizing transport through its production of green bio-LNG.”

Jerom van Roosmalen, CEO at Nordsol said: “Nordsol is about to start production of the first bio-LNG in the Netherlands. The collaboration with DBG Bio Energy B.V. is an important next step in our mission to making bio-LNG a mainstream biofuel for heavy duty road and water transport.”