Highest value for biogas

Bio-LNG provides a new way of adding value to biogas. It is a premium product for which there is increasing demand. Bio-LNG offers:

    • More green value
    • More social value
    • More financial value

More green value

Bio-LNG enables carbon dioxide neutral transport. It is essential for the heavy-duty transport sector to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint.

Bio-LNG also reduces carbon dioxide emission compared to biogas for electricity. In bio-LNG production, the carbon dioxide in the biogas is captured. This bio-CO2 replaces fossil carbon dioxide in greenhouses and the food industry.

More green value with bio-LNG

More social value

Bio-LNG can help you create a local circular economy:

    • Organic waste from your region is digested into biogas.
    • This biogas is locally upgraded and liquefied to bio-LNG.
    • The bio-LNG is then supplied to local service stations.
    • These service stations provide local transport companies with bio-LNG

Locally produced bio-LNG contributes to less transport of fuel, which also reduces CO2 and NOx emission.

Bio-LNG contributes to a circular economy

More financial value

Demand for bio-LNG in the transport sector is strongly market-driven. The financial returns can compete with biomethane, as a result of the bio-LNG price and the carbon credits. By contrast, biomethane (“green gas”) and electricity production from biogas are often temporary subsidized. Bringing biogas to the high-value fuel market can lead to longer-term financial certainty and a stronger business case.

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