How Nordsol came to life

It all started in 2009 when Jerom van Roosmalen founded Osomo to make a difference for sustainable mobility. The primary focus in the first years were Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) slow- and fastfill systems. These systems were intended for home and small business use. Soon enough the core beliefs of using biogas as a substitute for the Natural Gas began to surface.

This shift in thinking would later become the game changer to unlock sections of the fuel market. It was clear that biogas has the potential to be a full-fledged renewable substitute fuel and stimulate the energy transition for the heavy road transport sector.

In the following years, Osomo focused on developing practical technological solutions to convert biogas into bio-LNG. This new path resulted in designing, building and operating multiple pilot plants, combined with the worldwide patented iLNG technology. Along the way, more professionals got inspired and joined the team. Nowadays all activities have been transferred and embedded in Nordsol, which is the ideal platform to grow the business.

What started out as an idea of a persistent believer has grown into a respectful company with a global network of customers and partners.