Our proven and patented iLNG technology

The unique Nordsol technology, branded as iLNG, is essentially the use of conventional and proven technologies integrated into a less complex process scheme. Process inefficiencies are eliminated by leaving the traditional approach, hence making optimal use of synergies between the upgrading and liquefaction processes. Only this makes the process for the scale of biogas economically viable.


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Distinctive Features of the patented iLNG Process Scheme

  1. The biogas compressor takes over the additional function of flash gas and boil off gas compressor.
  2. Treated biogas is used as the refrigerant in the methane-expansion cooling cycle.
  3. Heat exchange at a relatively high temperature and therefore less sensitive to freeze-out of trace contaminants
  4. “Flash to Sweep” is applied on standard biogas membrane modules to boost performance.
  5. “Cryo-3-Flash” three phase separator in cryogenic section as polishing step


The Prerequisites for iLNG Technology

Implementing the iLNG technology requires an eye for detail in designing the right facility. Critical technical success factors are process knowledge, solid mechanical design, high-quality components and abundant field experience. A robust financing scheme supported by a clear and realistic business vision is vital. Our mission is clear, scientifically based and ambitious. What about yours?