Biogas producers in the private sector

For many companies in food and beverage, industrial wastewater, municipal waste disposal and other industries, sustainability is a very important part of the corporate strategy. These companies think of their industrial waste as a source of renewable energy. Biogas installations offer them an opportunity to profitably achieve their sustainability targets.

Biogas to bio-LNG in the private sector

Take a step further

Bio-LNG offers the next step in profitable innovation and sustainability. Bio-LNG offers:

    • A better valuation of the biogas
    • The transfer from a subsidy-dependent environment to a market-driven environment
    • A smaller footprint through additional CO2 abatement
    • More flexibility to cope with biogas capacity and feedstock origin swings
    • An opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint of your logistics

Partner with Nordsol

Nordsol has proven expertise and experience in working with companies to develop bio-LNG projects that:

    • Contribute to achieving sustainability and profitability objectives
    • Provide continuity in business operations and mitigate risks
    • Transfer biogas installations from a subsidy-dependent business model to a market-driven business model


Nordsol offers a unique concept to biogas producers. In addition to providing the differentiated and proven iLNG technology, Nordsol relieves the biogas producer of challenges such as financing, bio-LNG offtake contracts and plant exploitation. The biogas producer gets an attractive price for the biogas and mitigates business risk.

The Nordsol Concept