Biogas producers in the public sector

Social responsibility, sustainability and cost reduction are important values for various organizations in the public sector, such as sewage treatment plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants, and municipal waste disposal organizations. With biogas systems, they turn waste into a renewable energy. Doing so they contribute to the energy transition, reduction of GHG emissions and innovation.

Biogas to bio-LNG in the public sector

Take a step further

Bio-LNG offers an opportunity to take a step further. Compared to biogas, bio-LNG:

    • Is the best biofuel to decarbonize the heavy-duty, long-haul transport sector, today.
    • Makes zero-emission transport possible.
    • Provides additional green value through carbon capture utilization (CCU) enabled by Nordsol technology. The carbon dioxide from the biogas is liquefied and reused to replace fossil carbon dioxide.
    • Is also economically sustainable as the business case is not dependent on government subsidies.
    • Can offer more social value by enabling a local, circular economy.

Partner with Nordsol

As a bio-LNG expert, Nordsol is committed to work with organizations in the public sector within established workstreams and tendering processes. Together we build bio-LNG plants that contribute to:

    • Achieving sustainability and social responsibility goals
    • Cost reduction and risk mitigation
    • Optimization of the utilization of energy sources


Nordsol offers a unique concept to biogas producers. In addition to providing the differentiated and proven iLNG technology, Nordsol relieves the biogas producer of challenges such as financing, bio-LNG offtake contracts and plant exploitation. The biogas producer gets an attractive price for the biogas and mitigates business risk.

The Nordsol Concept