Setting up a bio-LNG plant

Four distinct steps are necessary for a profitable plant. Building a bio-LNG plant becomes attractive starting from about 500 Nm3/h of raw biogas and requires between 18-30 months from idea until first bio-LNG.

Business Case

The plant must have competitive value for the biogas. This needs to be proven in a high-level business case. This phase also defines the form of cooperation.


Create a basis of design with sufficient detail and cost estimates for a Financial Investment Decision (FID). This is also the start of the permitting process.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction.
Commissioning and start-up.

Full Operation

Operational phase including Nordsol operational support. Full bio-LNG production.

In the first phase, the feasibility and economic attractiveness of bio-LNG production in the specific situation is determined. Considerations include:

    • Amount and composition of the biogas
    • Valuation of the bio-LNG
    • Carbon Intensity (CI) and Carbon Capture Utilization (CCU) calculations
    • Available physical space
    • Location type (agricultural, industrial, municipal)
    • Permits
    • And more

In this phase, the form of cooperation between the biogas producer and Nordsol is also defined.